Wishing Stars They wish on stars there, too.
April 23rd, 2014


life of an artist

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have you ever just looked at someone and thought, my fucking god i love you. i love every goddamn ounce. i love your bones and your soul. but I’m a loser, who just doesn’t wanna lose you. i can lose fucking everything, but not you. oh god. not you. 

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true friendship is willfully making someone’s emotional devastation over fictional characters worse

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You’re going to be sad.
You’re going to want to scream and punch things.
Do it.
Let out every ounce of anger you have.
Sit on the floor and cry until you feel numb.
Listen to songs that make your heart sink to your feet.
Write angry letters to all the people who have broken you, left you, ignored you or hurt you.
Throw your hairbrush at the wall.
Do it twelve times.
Do it until you feel like you can breathe again.

You’re going to be sad.
You’re going to want to hurt yourself.
Don’t you dare do it.
Sit on the floor and watch cartoons like you did when you were little.
Listen to songs that make you want to dance around your bedroom in your underwear at 3 A.M.
Make paper airplanes out of those angry letters and watch them soar into the fireplace.
Brush all the knots out of your hair and say “I am worth it” into the mirror.
Say it twelve times.
Say it until you feel like you can breathe again.

You’re going to be sad.
You’re going to get through it.


Chloe and I were talking about how we hope Hardscrabble has a cutie little younger wife at home and shes all protective and sweet around her bye

I only just remembered i wanted to draw it now excuse my lame monster design LMAO

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i hate the word fandom so much shut the fuck stop turning things into fandom. i saw a post today about “the bedroom fandom” no it’s fucking interior design. sometimes people are interested in interior design. it is not a fandom. shut the fuck up i hate this website. 

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April 22nd, 2014


do you ever see a person you love do something really fucking ridiculous and you just watch and think “ah yes this is where i have laid my affections”

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ishimaru had the most realistic reaction to someone dying and everyone else was like dude wtf is wrong w him

his hair turned silver and his eyes caught on fire

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where did that come from

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